Medion UMPC: best integrated keyboard yet



James is in the air returning home and I think 90% of the show is too. Hopefully, they’re not all on the same plane. Since I’ve got the day to myself, I meandered around a much quieter show floor and found the 1.5 pound Medion MD RIM 1000 UMPC in the wild. The device has a smaller footprint than most of the current UMPC models, partly because the screen is a slightly smaller 6.5-inches in lieu of the standard 7.

The screen slides smoothly, revealing something that I wouldn’t want in my UMPC. At least that’s what I thought. The keyboard is the most standard looking and feeling keyboard over anything I’ve seen yet, and we’ve seen ’em all here. The keys have a nice feel and travel; just like a standard keyboard, only much smaller of course. You’ll be using your thumbs, but I have to say after using the device for about 10 minutes: you can quickly get used to the approach and start tapping out text faster than you’d think.

Navigation was also painless with both the directional pad and the small mouse touchpad at the bottom right of the device. Once again, the Origami Experience running on the Via-based machine was zippy and enjoyable.

The Medion should hit market by end of month, coinciding nicely with the Vista launch; I couldn’t get many more details, but if Medion comes in at or under a grand in price, they’ll likely sell a bunch of these. More pics after the jump.

You know me: I love a UMPC with a stand. You can see it on the bottom / back of the device and it gives you about a 30-degree angle; good for typing and great for inking.

No skimping on the split keyboard: a full number row that doubles as function keys. Plenty of buttons that feel like they’re in the right place; nice design. 


Gaz dick

Any further information on the release of this?

Im in the UK, and Medion are very quiet or deny they know anything….as per…

could you update me please?

Bjorn Stromberg

It does have a touch-screen, my initial feeling is 80g but I would have to double check on that to confirm it. Touch-based UMPCs will need to be running Vista Ultimate to get the full Origami Experience. The keyboard is not lit, but the tactile response on the keys is very solid and even the F and J keys have raised indicators to let your thumbs know where they are.

I don’t have any hard details on the official launch dates yet, but once I get back to the office on Monday I will try to pin someone down on them. The Microsoft guy at CES told me January 30th in the US.

doc z

JR, the Engadget video has the details; it’s coming out in Europe before the States.



Did you say this thing had a touch screen or do you soley navigate using the mousepad + function keys. That’d be a bummer if so.

Any word of it coming to us europeans?

John in Norway

Great find Kevin! I was almost tempted the other day to buy an OQO +1 as they’re so cheap at the moment but I found out that the keyboard isn’t backlit. This is essential for me.

Is the keyboard on this Medion backlit? If you didn’t notice could you go back and find out? You’re nearer than I am!


I’ve answered my own question about the thumbstick – this is the first umpc with a touchpad – sounds cool

Michael Venini


Do you know if this will be sold in the States?




Well done for finding one!

Compared to an OQO how big is it?

I thought it used to have a thumpstick on the keyboard. How practical was moving the cursor?

Steve Paine

Well done on finding this Kevin. I’ve been waiting for someone to report on it. Great to hear that the keyboard is good. Its about the only quesion-mark I had on the device.

Did you see the docking station?
What version of Vista was running?


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