jkOnTheRun goes Mainstream Media!


Kevin and I work awfully hard trying to bring mobile technology news that is useful and insightful.  We are really proud to share something that many readers may not realize is going on every day in the background.  We recently told you that buy.com is regularly picking up posts from our site and you can usually find some of them every day on the online retailer’s web site:

JkOTR on buydotcom

Equally exciting to us is the validation we get for the work we do here as our stuff is now starting to appear in mainstream media (MSM) outlets, such as Reuters, the Houston Chronicle, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Austin American Statesman, to name a few.  Here’s some screen captures of our articles appearing on these MSM sites:

JkOTR on Reuters JkOTR on San Fran Chron JkOTR on Hou Chron

I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to see our work on these respected MSM publications and while we don’t get anything out of this it is a huge rush for us to see this happen.  Equally thrilling is to see how popular our work is on these sites:

JkOTR MSM page views



Veronica Gonzalez

Congratulations! I’m constantly checking your site for the latest news and reviews. I’m especially fond of the video reviews and unboxings. Keep up the great work, now where’s the OQO model 2 review? I had decided on getting the Fujitsu P1610 after reading your review and your decision to keep it but now I’m loving the small form factor of OQO model 2. I’m waiting to see what you, the GottaBeMobile folks, Carrypad and Pocketables have to say about it.

daniel p

Congratulations! Well deserved recognition for excellent journalism.

Mickey Segal

Researchers in population biology have noticed that new species originate in unusual niches and then move into more populated areas. Similarly, researchers in economics have noted that new products or companies originate in unusual “spaces” and then expand into the mainstream.

I think there is a similar effect in journalism, where the new talent will come from enthusiasts in unusual niches, and the great mainstream journalists of the future will prove themselves through blogging and then be involved increasingly in the mainstream media.

Remember this when a major TV network or newspaper choses an anchor or editor who rose up through blogging.

It is no surprise to see people like James Kendrick rising in the market. This is what you expect from efficient markets.

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