Brazilian YouTube Fiasco Runs Course


Brazilian Daniela Cicarelli — made famous for her marriage to Ronaldo, if not her modeling…or was it her MTV hosting? — has become infamous for using the courts to shut down YouTube in Brazil. This is a story we first posted on last week, after a judge agreed that the video-sharing site should have taken down all copies of a sex tape of Cicarelli and her boyfriend.

Now that it appears to be calming down, we offer a quick wrap-up for people who haven’t been rabidly following the lurid clip across the intraweb:

  • Brazilian ISPs Telefonica and Brasil Telecom obliged the judge’s order to block access to YouTube.
  • The video becomes even more popular as the news spread, and angry Brazilians send 20,000 emails to Cicarelli’s employer, MTV Brasil, complaining about the ban.
  • YouTube releases statement saying it’s working to remove all repostings of the video.
  • The judge reverses his order.
  • Now, Cicarelli is blaming the fiasco on her boyfriend, saying he’s the one who filed the case causing YouTube to shut down.

Man, that’s one way to achieve worldwide notoriety. Paris Hilton, looks like you’ve got some competition.


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