What would you bid for a PayPal security fob?

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Rsa_keyActually, there’s no eBay auction for better security. The company will be offering a digital key fob that receives a new six-digit code every 30 seconds. You use the PayPal Security Key (similar to the one shown) to enter the code along with a PayPal transaction; the code is secondary form of security protection. Standard PayPal account holders will have to ante up $5 for the mobile device while business accounts will be offered a free key.

We use this same type of device for a stockbroker account at the house and it does add a little more piece of mind. For someone to use the account, they would have to have both the standard ID / password combination and the physical security key; the likelihood of having both is slim especially since we hide the key. It’s in the….oh….you almost had me there.


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Well, instead of carrying around a fob like that, I’d rather have a PalmOS app that generates the number.

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