What's On Your Toolbar?


Yesterday, Techcrunch reported on Conduit, a customizable toolbar engine. A search of Mozilla’s Extension site for Firefox add-ons with the word “toolbar” returns 439 choices! That’s a lot of little icons competiting for space on your browser window. Is your browser interface clean and minimal, or does it look more like this?

What toolbars and status window do-dads do you find essential for your daily browsing? Share your gems.

These are all Firefox add-ons, but feel free to talk about extensions for other browsers.

Roboform (PC)/1Passwd (Mac). These are two completely different toolbars, but they perform the same purpose and they both work well…secure auto-fill of passwords going beyond what’s built-in to the browser. I think both are worth their license fees.


It’s not getting the best reviews on the Mozilla Add-on site, but I happen to love Yahoo’s del.icio.us bookmark extension.


It completely replaces Firefox’s built-in bookmarks, bringing your personal bookmarks into del.ico.us marked as private. My favorite feature is the ability to show bookmarks in the toolbar separated by tag folders. Instead of little icons across a single row, the bookmarks are available in drop-down menus. I tag mine by purpose: mailing list logins, blog logins, webmail, stat checking, web applications, etc. Those are the bookmarks that I need to get to most often, and they’re all right there when I need them.

If you code websites, WebDeveloper is a must-have toolbar. Lately, it hasn’t gotten as much use in my browser now that Firebug has taken over as my main HTML/CSS troubleshooter, but WebDeveloper is still a great tool for toggling scripting and quickly filling in forms for testing purposes.


That’s it. I like my toolbar lean.

On the status window at the bottom of the screen I have:

Colorzilla – quick reference for picking up colors.

CoComment – to help me go back to conversations I participated in on other sites.

ForecastFox – at-a-glance weather icons. Profiles are great for traveling.

SearchStatus – displays PageRank and AlexaStatus for the current page, along with a menu for quick ‘Whois’ and other SEO tools.

AdSense Notifier – if you display ads on a website, this saves hours in compulsive checking.

Your turn…what’s “toolbar-worthy” to you?



(Shakemless Self-promotion ahead!) Have you tried Fleck yet? Allows you to add stickitnotes to pages. very usefull to share notes with other Web Workers. And I build it… :-)

Eric Gruber

IE Tab, the WebDeveloper Toolbar, several favorites and the almighty “Resources” folder, which holds an incredible scrolling list of the tons of useful tidbits of info I’ve found on Digg.com. Gotta love it.


In my top bar I use my favorites websites like: My Website, Google Reader, Google Calendar and for Firefox FireFTP, WebDeveloper extension, and my blog. In the bottom bar I use IE Tab, Time Tracker and Weather.

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