We got a 33% discount on the S-XGen foldy thingy



Hey, maybe everyone else will too based on the conversation we had at the S-XGen booth. We flipped, folded and even fondled the unique Windows Mobile handheld phone and then inquired on the price. We flat out asked about the rumored $1,400 price tag and were immediately told by the Seamless Internet folks that unit will be less than that. We couldn’t pinpoint an exact price, but the numbers shared were in the upper $900 range.

Not sure if there’s a solid market for a Win Mo phone that doesn’t appear to have a mic and speaker. We might have missed those on the device, but even if we did, the booth folks indicated you need a Bluetooth headset for the phone functions. Still, the 20-GB drive and rubberized chiclet keyboard might be compelling enough for you to pick this device up; we heard that it will be available at Buy and Amazon. If we get more deets, we’ll put out a quick update.


Kevin C. Tofel

Nurhisham, I’ll double-check the press kit, but we were told this runs Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition. If you’re correct, I’d agree with you: there could be compatiblity issues with WinMo software.

Nurhisham Hussein

Just a note: It’s not even Windows Mobile, the S-XGen runs WinCE, which implies possible compatibility issues with Windows Mobile software, plus lack of all the productivity apps included like Mobile Office.

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