Venice Project Invite Winners


344620770_33fbfc5a26.jpgLiz asked folks to submit pictures and descriptions of their web-enabled TV set ups. And thanks to my new favorite NewTeeVee readers, we’ve got more solutions for getting NewTeeVee onto your OldTeeVee than you could ever actually want. And none of them require any Apple vaporware! Without further ado…

Most Elegant: Goes to Chuck Dascalos, not the least of which is for the tasteful styling of the setup. That’s just plain classy, Chuck! Also, NewTeeVee looks great, and that’s what’s really important.


Least Elegant: By a landslide is PanMan‘s, who actually broadcast NewTeeVee over the now analog-free Dutch airwaves — and in the jankiest, most jury-rigged way possible. PanMan, you’re a mad genius!


Best Device: The award goes to Andre Sala, who used his Nintendo Wii browser. Like I needed a new reason to rationalize a Wii pruchase.


Honorable mention goes to Greg Rose for putting together a Vlog post on the subject, and Dan for having the most boss system specs (screen pic at top). We’ll see what we can do about invites, guys. And thanks just for playing to Frederic Guarino, Laurent, and everyone else who entered. Their solutions ranged from Radio Shack parts to Vista Media Center software, proving that when there’s a will, there’s a way.



hey, would love an invite. have been searching for nearly 2 months now :p

jam3s2k [@]

thanks in advance.

Greg Rose

Thanks so much for the honorable mention. Also thanks for the invite. I have just checked out the Venice Project, and it seems really, really cool. Thanks again!


Well, actually, it doesn’t go over the airwaves, but it does go over the analogue cable (but shouldn’t leave my house..). The mad genius note goes in my resume, tho :).
Thanks for the invite! It was fun to participate!


no problems. I was just messing around. and for liz, I did indeed get my invite last week directly from TVP so let some other lucky reader get the invite. thanks again and keep up the good work.


hey, that’s a picture of my ‘boss’ setup on the top of the post! btw, I already got my invite from TVP so go ahead let someone else have it…

Andre Sala


But when are you folks going to start producing a weekly video show, rounding up the industry rumblings in a sweet vlog package?

That would be a whole other contest — how people watch vlogs on their old teevees.


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