Sync Google calendar and Outlook with SyncMyCal


If you frequently use both Outlook and Google Calendar for scheduling, and are finding it quite tiresome to always export calendar details and upload them into Google Calendar, you might want to look into SyncMyCal.

SyncMyCal makes this whole process a lot simpler by adding a toolbar into your Outlook application that has the one click ability to synchronize your calendars. You can either choose which calendar you want to synchronize or if you want to do two way updates. The application currently comes in two different versions.

A free Lite version with unlimited events with seven day date range synchronization and a Pro version for $25 with no limitations on sync dates. SyncMyCal is a great option not only for personal use, but for business use as well. Team calendars can be created and shared in Google, or team members can download events from a central Google Calendar version.

Of course you can always use GCalSync on your mobile phone, an open source application that syncs up Google Calendar on your mobile.




I am looking to sync my calendar and contacts from Outlook to Google. I’ve heard Calgoo is the only one that does both. Anybody have any insight?



i checked it out – its cool but id rather use calgoo

since calgoo hit beta its been a rather solid program – the bonus features you get on top of the sync ability has me sold – given im waiting for a new update because they could use better task management – but so far so good




Oggsync can also be used if your a Windows Mobile 5.0 user. It has 2 way Sync OTA from your mobile DIRECT to Google. Even if you have multiple calendars like, Outlook for work, and Google for personal, events, schools, etc….OggSync will keep them up to date.

If your only looking for a PC solution then go with the above mentioned, but if your mobile try out our FREE version:





Chief Little Bugger here ;-)

GooSync is FREE, the 3 credits refer to the ability to automatically configure your mobile over-the-air, we will send you 3 FREE SMS configs if required, it costs us money that’s why there’s a limit, the sync is FREE.

We do have a subscription service that provide greater functionality including the ability to sync multiple calendars.

Hope this clears this up, maybe it needs making clearer on the web site.



Goosync have lost my vote already. After asking me all the questions under the sun on the signup page, I finally get to the configure page and find that after three “credits” are used, you have to start paying! Little buggers…

Loren Nason

Now if we can just have calendar sync and then my windows mobile can sync to gmail then i can ditch my exchange server

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