Macworld Roundup, Day Two


Day One of Macworld was cool for the Keynote, but I didn’t see anything cool on the show floor, and I didn’t attend any conferences.

Day Two, however, was much cooler.

The only presentation I saw was a bit of the Macworld Best in Show (some representative from Adobe talking up the CS3 beta), but I got bored quick and went to check out more of the show floor.

I talked to a bunch of developers, some interesting, some not so much.

I’ve got a tip for developers, especially those who answer direct questions from customers:
Know your competition.

The worst answers I got were always bad because they didn’t know their competition.

Some of the highlights

Me: So why should I use your software over SuperDuper?

Representative from backup software company, which I will not name: Well, have you tried restoring from SuperDuper?

Me: Yes.

Representative: Did it work?

Me: Yes.

Representative: Well here’s the thousand dollar question: can SuperDuper replicate one of our best features? Can you extract simply one file from a SuperDuper backup?

Me: Yes, you can, I’ve done that.

At this point, I walked away.

Another highlight:

Me: Why should I use your product over TypeIt4Me.

Representative from TypeIt4Me competitor, which I will not name: Well, I don’t really know TypeIt4Me, but I think they’re essentially the same.

Me: So there’s no advantages of this product?

Representative: Well, as I said, I don’t really know TypeIt4Me. I know they’re essentially the same concept.

However, some developers were really great to talk to, and they really knew what they were talking about.

For example, I had a great conversation with two representatives from Allume (makers of Stuffit), about many topics, including why they don’t open up sitx (politics) and the respective benefits and downsides of Stuffit Expander, BOMArchiveHelper (Apple’s built-in decompression utility), and (they claim Stuffit Expander is faster than BOMArchiveHelper, and they think The Unarchiver is a great product).

I also had a good talk with the representative from CodeWeavers, makers of CrossOver Mac.

All in all, I think I’ve learned that Macworld is great, not for seeing all the products (which you can essentially do online) and picking up the free just (although I did get a small LED flashlight and a yo-yo today), but for talking to all the developers of the software, in person.

That, and seeing the Keynote live is pretty amazing.



The misuse of the proper ‘they’re’ in your paragraph about ‘TypeIT4ME. hmmm. Let’s get a bit more respectablitly here. If you’re going to be a writer, learn to write. Please.


Unarchiver ist a jewel. Especially if you have to unarchive zip files created on Windows with lots of japanese file and folder names.

BOMArchiver can’t handle those properly.

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