iPhone: The Ingenue in Motion


Well, it’s still early, but I’ve done my level best to track down some video of the iPhone in action. There’s not much, but this clip from Google Video covers the process of making a phone call:

There’s also an extended clip of the interface, and video playback, from a user at blip.tv.

The most interesting video so far has been what happened in the Digg swarm in the minutes shortly following the announcement. Poor Bruce Campbell — on any other day, his Old Spice ad would have ruled the day among internerds!

In other clips, here’s a possible ‘iPhone podium‘ at an Apple store that was posted on YouTube two days ago, but which is rather suspect as orders aren’t even being taken on the Apple website yet. And finally, indulge in nostalgia for when the iPhone — or iTalk — was just the glimmer in the eye of fakesters looking for a moment of Internet glory.

Update: If you didn’t get enough of Steve’s signature schtick, you can catch his interview with the local NBC affiliate or his spot on Nightline.



This is a snippet of the Flash videos that are on apple.com/iphone.

So, if you want to see all the videos of it in action, you can.

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