In search of a perfect bag

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Having the perfect bag that can handle your unique load is essential. Get something without adequate padding and you might be saying hello to a cracked laptop. Having a bag that knocks your leg the wrong way when walking, or makes you tilt to one side and strains your back isn’t good either.

That’s why choosing a bag that’s the right fit for you, and your devices is extremely important. Ok, it’s not all that important in the scheme of things, but if you’re a bag addict like me than it might be. In my never-ending hunt for the perfect bag, I thought it would be fun to jot my notes down on what goes through my mind when I consider a bag to carry my goodies.

How do you start? Take a record of all the tools that you must carry throughout the day. Maybe you have a laptop, pens, notebook, iPod, and a USB storage drive that you always carry. Now write up a list of occasional tools, devices and material like magazines, books, and files. These do play a part in the selection. Ok, so I’m going to assume that for the most part, all webworkers tend to have a laptop that they truck around to their second office (Starbucks as an example), client meetings, business partners, associates, and investor’s offices.

For this, we need a secure snug location. If your laptop is a 15″, get a bag that accommodates that. Any bigger and its going to be swimming around in that sucker, bouncing off of your leg, picking up momentum and Charlie horsing that guy in front of you in line. Shoulder bag, backpack, or messenger bag, you decide what style works best for you. Or what the heck, get one of each! Shoulder attaché’s are great for meetings, backpacks and messenger bags are for nice casual trips to cafes and restaurants to work, or impromptu casual meetings. Keeping your tools list at top of mind, its time to start the selection process.

There are a number of great online locations where you could purchase bags. Of course it’s always great to actually try bags on to see how they fit, so hunt out physical locations that carry your bag of choice. You never know, they might be having a sale! Which could mean that getting two is now viable! Here are my next bag choices, based on my specific criteria. Main criteria set, a comfortable bag for my cat to sleep on. He’s going to sleep on it anyways, so I guess I might as well make it comfortable.

I have the usual goodies in there like a laptop, pens, notebooks, and maybe a book, magazine and iPod. Booq bags, Brenthaven, Burton, and Mobile Edge. They all make strong, durable bags, with plenty of useful storage areas, which all fit in to what I need. What do you look for in the perfect bag? Can you recommend any bags that have done right by you?


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