Got a hot laptop? Get a fan!

belkin cooling standIf your laptop tends to get a little hot due to all the time you spend on it, it might be time to cool it down a bit. Belkin has just took the wraps off of a stand called the “Cooling Stand” that not only cools down laptops, but raises it to a more comfortable position for typing and viewing, relieving improper strain and stress on muscles and joints.

Yah! No more carpal tunnel. The cooling fan is powered by a USB connection to the laptop, and its patented wavy type shape supposedly enhances airflow for greater cooling results. From the pictures this thing seems really cool, and not some ordinary clunky plastic piece of junk that is normally sold at business stores.

Belkin also says that this stand actually fits into laptop bags. So if you feel the need to bring it on your café trips, you can. Look for it to come out in late February retailing at $29.99. If you are at CES it’s waiting for you to check it out at booth #30328 south hall. Or at the Macworld Expo at booth #1926 south hall.


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