GoDaddy and CBS Go Viral for Superbowl

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Doritos isn’t the only company bringing web video to the Superbowl. Due to GoDaddy and CBS, game coverage will feature the online video celebrities from Diggnation and a few 15-second YouTube clips. Yup, it’s the old-media big time (read: the big time).

GoDaddy, the company that’s gained some fame in a cluttered market for domain registrars by purchasing ad time during the Super Bowl, has filmed another “FUN, edgy and a touch inappropriate” commercial for this year’s big game. Besides well-known personalities like Indy racer Danica Patrick and the Tuttle family from American Chopper, it will include appearances from Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht from Diggnation and GeekBrief’s Cali Lewis.

GoDaddy is no stranger to controversy when it comes to placing ads during the SuperBowl — Fox pulled a second airing of their spot during the 2005 game, and it immediately became something of a sensation online. Digg users are already hip to the news, and shouldn’t have any problems with beer-fueled raunch. Life is good if you’re a sexy geek, I guess.

Even if you already entered Doritos’ Superbowl spot contest, you can improve your chances of making it onto the tube by taking Les Moonves up on his offer. A few lucky winners will appear during a pre-game show ad break. Check the official CBS site for rules and then submit your star turn to the 15 Seconds YouTube group. Maybe you can get Kevin to sign your rack on camera?

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