CES and Tablet PC meetup in pictures

Kevin and I had a fantastic day today between cruising the CES show floor, attending Lunch@Pieros and seeing some cool gadgets, appearing on KPRC 950 Houston talk radio with Michael Garfield, the HighTech Texan, attending the Tablet PC meetup where over 100 people converged to talk digitizers, and capping off the evening with a visit to the BlogHaus in the Bellagio where Kevin, Matt and I recorded the funniest MobileTechRoundup podcast ever. Here is a photo journal of this busy, busy day.

Motorized pool toy- I so want one!

Another version

Vista on the Q1

SSD Q1 coming to the US

All the UMPCs in a row- all running Via processors

Gail Levy- TabletKiosk

OQO Model 02 in the dock

OQO Model 02

Every Kingston memory product known to man

Kevin Tofel

Rob Bushway and Marc Orchant

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick meet for first time

jkOnTheRun team

Kevin and Steve van Der Hoeven (DialKeys)

MobileTechRoundup hosts in the same room

Kevin standing in front of the world's largest Hawaiian shirt

Paris in Vegas

Bellagio fountains


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