Wireless Apple Gadget Unveiling Options


Since just about everyone in the industry – not to mention the endless mac fanatics – seem to expect that Steve will finally show us some sort of mobile Apple wireless device, how would the unveiling go exactly? I’ve been trying to come up with some possible scenarios. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Variations on the Annoying Cell Phone Interruption
This would go down as maybe one of Steve’s execs being planted in the crowd during the Keynote. A phone rings out from the crowd, rudely interrupting Steve’s spiel. But rather than get angry, Steve shows off the device.
Or Maybe it’s on Steve and he excuses himself to take a call/chat/whatever on the new device.

One More Thing…
This idea is also somewhat of a take-off on the cell phone interruption mentioned above. But in this case as Steve seemingly closes the Keynote he gets a call as he walks off. He turns about and says to the crowd, “I was just told there’s one more thing” and then shows the mystery device to the masses.

The Oprah Method
Not that I watch Oprah mind you, but I’ve heard the tales of her give away shows. (I’m not afraid to say I’d sign up for that audience!) I doubt Steve would completely copy Oprah and have the devices hidden under everyone’s chair (but if you’re there right now, do me a favor and check for me). Rather I think they’d fall from above, with little [Leopard spotted?] parachutes attached. Think t-shirts from the rafters at a hockey game.

Monologue about the Industry
Or just maybe, Steve will discuss his frustration with the wireless industry and the lack of a device that fulfills his lofty needs. Similar to Keynote, we’ll find out that it’s a device he’s used for years [please note sarcasm] and would finally like to bestow upon us.

Alright. So these are all probably way too cheesy for someone at Steve’s level of showmanship. But I needed something to entertain me while I passed the time until the Keynote begins. We’re T-minus about 10 minutes, so hang tight friends.

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