Mystery UMPC and eo v7110 dock



We hit up ShowStoppers tonight, which is like a mini-CES for press only. Aside from the awesome food at the Wynn hotel, we got to wander around and see things that we might have otherwise missed in the vast chasm of consumer electronics we call CES.

We stopped by the Via booth and saw a good half dozen UMPC and small handhelds such as the OQO Model 02, the Medion UMPC, a Samsung Q1B and more. Then we eye-spied the little black number shown above; something we haven’t seen before. We’ll be meeting on Wednesday with the company that will be selling this new offering, so look for all the deets then. Let’s just call this "the mystery UMPC" until we meet up again with Tablet Kiosk on Wednesday. Oops….did we just say too much? Crikey; since we did, let’s try distracting you with two pics of the eo v7110 dock after the jump.

It might look plain from the front but….

….Ethernet, AC power, VGA out and four USB ports should be enough for any UMPC owner.



Whatever happened to the Averatec AHI UMPC????

Thought Averatec would show this at CES????


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