Updated Airport Extreme


Matching its Apple TV and Mac Mini brethren, the new Airport Extreme comes in a compact boxy shape. The big news however is that it supports the 802.11n protocol for data transfer speeds that blow 802.11g away. So you can finally order your upgrade to your existing Airport Extreme. Of course you’ll have to have an 802.11n compatible Airport card in your machine to take full advantage of this new hardware. It’ll ship in February for $179.




Just got one – it does what a router should do, however, there is no dns update functionality nor can you administer it via a web browser. Those are kida huge now-a-days…


I didn’t think the 802.11n spec was complete??? This could mean that each manufacturer has its own implementation. In other words, not all card – router combinations will work together. Am I wrong here?


I was half expecting an upgrade to the Airport Extreme to happen and im glad it has finally come. This has buried any doubts that the Apple TV would not be able to stream HD video in real time and wireless-ly. I will be making my purchase very soon I think!


B deR West

So… Can I purchase an N card and swap out the one that came with my CD MBP? I know they probably won’t do it at an Apple Store, but with like a local tech guy?

Because if not, that kind of sucks.


This is what the AirPort Extreme site says about Macs that are 802.11n compatibile:

“All Mac computers with Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Xeon processors except the 17-inch iMac with 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor support the 802.11n technology in AirPort Extreme. These 802.11n-compatible Mac systems require enabler software that is included on the AirPort Extreme CD.”

–>Paul B.

Grant (divigation)

So of course the big question is are those “compatible” cards already in the rev1 MBPs and iMacs or not? There is no additional card being released with this in Feb, so I bet the software update that adds the new info for this puppy also frees the MBP and iMac cards from their software shackles and allows them to flow at n speeds.

With the addition of the USB port for printer sharing, I will be adding one of these to my network, once the reviews come out and confirm that it is all that it should be.

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