Time to Sell your Palm Stock?

While none of us have actually gotten our hands on the iPhone, if it lives up to the video demonstrations that Apple has released, it’s incredible. The haptic interface that many folks were expecting to see as part of the “video iPod” (which may or may not come to market), is nothing short of phenomenal. It’s as if Apple took a hint from Minority Report and built the first device with a truly intuitive interface.

I may be biased because I have Industrial Engineer friends who work for Apple, but I have to say, the iPhone looks like a phenomenal piece of technology. And if the interface that Apple is showcasing in this device finds it’s way into other Apple devices, our favorite Cupertino company stands a serious chance at picking up a hefty market share.

So, where does this leave all of the other handheld makers out there? No doubt we’ll soon see all kinds of copy-cat products, but will they live up to Apple’s new high standard? Why on Earth would I shell out cash for a Palm or Blackberry when Apple is building truly innovative devices? Is the iPhone a Palm killer?

I don’t know about you, folks, but I’m glad I don’t own any Palm stock right now.


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