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Time to Sell your Palm Stock?

While none of us have actually gotten our hands on the iPhone, if it lives up to the video demonstrations that Apple has released, it’s incredible. The haptic interface that many folks were expecting to see as part of the “video iPod” (which may or may not come to market), is nothing short of phenomenal. It’s as if Apple took a hint from Minority Report and built the first device with a truly intuitive interface.

I may be biased because I have Industrial Engineer friends who work for Apple, but I have to say, the iPhone looks like a phenomenal piece of technology. And if the interface that Apple is showcasing in this device finds it’s way into other Apple devices, our favorite Cupertino company stands a serious chance at picking up a hefty market share.

So, where does this leave all of the other handheld makers out there? No doubt we’ll soon see all kinds of copy-cat products, but will they live up to Apple’s new high standard? Why on Earth would I shell out cash for a Palm or Blackberry when Apple is building truly innovative devices? Is the iPhone a Palm killer?

I don’t know about you, folks, but I’m glad I don’t own any Palm stock right now.

14 Responses to “Time to Sell your Palm Stock?”

  1. john coyne

    so who was the marketing genius that gave the iphone to cingular exclusively for 3 years palm has 18 carriers it just dosnt make scense to me i have three phones with sprint ugh and i would have reneg on the contract — 450 dollars and then buy three iphones 1500 dollars apple is great but their marketing dept is insane thanks

  2. Pointed out by our friends at Engadget, some stock fluctuations in the wake…

    I agree with you John, Apple owns the patent on this multi-touch technology, and it’s going to level a lot of competition as it finds its way into their other products.

  3. to #9, “if people think this new multi-touch interface is Apple’s doing then they should take a look at the video contained in the url below” is a ridiculous statement. The video is dated FEB 2006, yet you have no information regarding when Apple began to utilize this concept or developed it in a device(reduced to practice, either conceptually or actually). Apple could have very vell produced and nurtured this technology well before Dr Han. Furthermore, Dr Han’s technique is based on Frustrated Total Internal Reflection, very different than the “multi-touch” scroll capacitive mouse in most pwerbook models, and most touch-sensitive display technologies. Therefore, the video, although depicting a person using multi-touch to interface with a display, could very well represent an entirely different invention.

  4. The funny thing is, my Palm LifeDrive does everything the iPhone can do, and more (except for the whole phone thing). I hope we will see some type of document viewer down the road.

  5. the iphone is one fine piece of technology and the gui is just as impressive. It screams “Pick me up and take me home”! But my two main concerns is: it’s not unlocked and too expensive. I will have to wait till iPhone lite. The big surprise …it runs OS X! What does that mean! are there other applications that OS X can now be ported to? And what platfro mis this iphone OS X running on??? intel? something else? give us the details TAB!

  6. I thought this was going to be like the poor excuse of a phone that Motorolla released last year (was it the ROKR or something?) so I wasn’t expecting much.

    My mouth dropped when I saw it on the Apple site!! The IPhone has got to be THE consumer device to purchase this year! And to think I was dying to get my hands on the new Treo 680..

    The worst part is that it won’t reach Asia anytime soon… :~(

  7. Brandon Eley

    It’s ground breaking, yes, but it won’t be much competition for Palm and RIM in the commercial markets. No qwerty keyboard, most likely no enterprise email support, etc. That’s where many of those devices are sold. RIM and Palm are trying to get more consumer interest in smartphones, but right now they’re still a niche product.

    In addition, Palm and RIM have models out and available now that are $99 with contract. The Palm 680 with Cingular is one, and compared to the price of the Apple iPhone, you could buy a 4GB SD card, the 680 and all your accessories and still save hundreds of dollars.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want an iPhone to replace my Treo 700p, but I don’t think I’ll be dropping $500 to get one right now. I think they’re super slick, intuitive and will probably revolutionize the mobile phone industry. But I don’t think everyone will be ditching their Razr’s to get them. They’re just at too high of a price point for 95% of cell phone buyers out there. It’ll take Apple a long time to build up marketshare with a $400+ phone.

  8. You’re right, Alex, Apple makes damn good looking stuff – but they’re not the only ones out there. I think that the interface is what’s going to set the iPhone apart from the rest, just like the click wheel (and a bunch of marketing) built the iPod brand.

    It’ll be interesting to see what niche the iPhone will create for itself. While I’m sure everyone who reads this blog can’t wait to get their hands on one, it certainly won’t be the solution for everyone.

  9. azzamallow

    I agree with you Yasser to a certain extent. The Apple iPhone is ground breaking and, as Steve pointed out, well ahead of its time. Anyone who owns shares in any company which sells mobile devices will be shaking in their boots right now. The iPhone is the best device out there (well will be).

    My message to those people is that Palm and the others have till June this year to prove they can do something about it. Remember Apple is entering a very large market, its going to take some time before Palm or other companies shares and market share start to shake. So not all is lost yet, the journey is just beginning for Apple.

  10. The first time I heard of the iPhone I knew it was gonna be the best looking phone out there. Just like their iPods are the best and just like their computers look the best. Lets face it Apple is good looking.