The Rundown on Apple TV

The big news today at Macworld was the Apple iPhone, but we also got the specs on the Apple TV (nee iTV), to be available next month. Jackson has already declared it “the leader of the pack.”

The brick has 720p high def, a 40 GB harddrive (stores 50 hours of video), 802.11 (b, g, and n), and Intel processor, and is designed for widescreen TVs. Users can auto-sync downloads from one computer and stream (not store) from five computers. Jacks for power, USB 2, ethernet, Wi-Fi, HDMI, et cetera. It will cost $299. You can play movies and music, show photos, and stream things like trailers.

The devices are sure to hold a lot of content that’s not from iTunes, but as of today you can also buy Paramount (in addition to Disney) movies on iTunes. Apple CEO Steve Jobs reported 2 billion songs, 50 million shows, and 1.3 million movies sold on iTunes to date.