Origami Experience: we got a demo and it rocks!



This is going to sound odd, but I have to repeat something James said earlier tonight: "The best software I’ve seen at CES is the new Origami Experience app". I completely agree after Dustin and Sears from the Microsoft Origami team gave us the low-down at the Tablet PC / UMPC meetup.

Sears has the official write-up complete with screenshots to give you the visuals, so check them out here.Once I get my Q1 fixed (long story), I’ll try to get a video demo up for you. While you’re downloading the pics and info, let me share my basic thoughts:

  1. I watched the application run on a Samsung Q1 upgraded to 1 GB of RAM and it was by far the speediest and most responsive app I’ve seen yet. Bear in mind this was running on Vista, which is required.
  2. Dustin nailed it when he said the team tried to keep the "level" of the app very horizontal. What I mean by that is: you don’t need to tap, tap, tap to drill down to the functions or info you want. For example, when looking at your digital music, every option you could want appears on the same screen, which reduces the navigation effort.
  3. The slideshow options are stellar. There are numerous transitions and all are visually appealing. I could easily see many of you turn your UMPC into a true part-time digital picture frame.
  4. Adding programs via customization options to the Program Launcher is a snap. It couldn’t possibly easier or more user friendly.
  5. Everything is geared for a quick finger tap; all of the buttons are well sized and easy to use.
  6. The shortcuts to the Windows Mobility Center applet, the Windows Switcher function and the Wireless network status are very handy.

There’s much more here, so until my Q1 is repaired and I can demo the Origami Experience for you, check out the great write up and pics provided by Sears. In the meantime, I’m going to struggle trying to find an area of opportunity for the new Origami Experience. So far, the Origami team has knocked my socks off with the demo I saw; I just might have to give up and say "we’ve got a winner here!" It’s obvious that the team has listened to user feedback and matured the new Origami Experience far beyond the original Touch Pack.



What’s SO special about it that id DOES require Vista?

For example IE 7 runs fine on XP.


the picture slide show reminds me of the car pc app called streetdeck.

doc z

Is this built into Vista, or will it be a publicly available download?

Kevin C. Tofel

Paul, we didn’t talk about specific dates, but I’d say this should coincide with the official Vista consumer launch date in a few weeks.

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