ModBook Unveiled, No One Notices

It seems that with all the hubbub over a certain other electronic manufacturer’s new tablet-esque device, no one noticed toady’s official unveiling of the Axiotron ModBook, the first OS X-wielding commercial tablet. We previously reported on a few of the specs, but we now know it’ll come in three flavors; a 1.83 GHz Core 2 Duo model with 512 MB RAM, a 60 GB HDD, Combo Drive, and no GPS; a 2.0 GHz model with 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD, SuperDrive and GPS; and another 2.0 GHz dream machine with a whopping 160 GB HDD and 2 GB RAM, as well as a SuperDrive and GPS. With a thin aluminum shell, the ModBook definitely has looks going for it, when many people thought a tablet hack couldn’t come close to Apple’s design. However, with its looks comes a price tag to match: the cheapest ModBook is $2279, more than twice as much as the MacBook it shares components with. The higher-specced models go for $300 more than the last, with the medium machine going for $2579, and the best and brightest going for $2879. For those who are willing to jump on the early adopter bandwagon and pre-order before anyone gets their hands on it, there’s a bonus: the $2279 is selling for $80 less until it ships, and each of the higher models is selling for $180 less. With a 15″ MacBook Pro as my constant companion, it’s hard for me to justify that high a price, however enticing the ModBook is, but I’m sure this is the answer to the prayers of many a Mac user, and if successful might even show Apple that a Newton 2.0 isn’t such a bad idea after all.


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