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Make Room On The Couch: iTV is Now Apple TV

[by Carleen Hawn] Nevermind the iPhone, that’s six months away: So what can Apple fans get right now? Well, February. iTV, renamed today as Apple TV. This is the home entertainment system Jobs introduced in September that allows you to view all of your digital media (music, photos and video) to your wide-screen television. The system is anchored around “a really cool box,” essentially a server, to which you can wirelessly download or stream media from up to 5 Macs in your house, from the mac (or PC ) of any friend or colleague. You can also stream movies off of to your home system in real time

4 Responses to “Make Room On The Couch: iTV is Now Apple TV”

  1. We are excited about Apple TV. Yes, this is for a select group of people–those with well wired homes, HDTV, and itunes usage. But for our customers over at, we see this as a great way to get video distributed from the internet and into the family room. This is convergence at it's best.

  2. whoindatgarden

    well people keep touting the Wifi capabilities. I still don't ever get full throughput on my Linksys WRT54GL. It works barely at the best and maybe thats cuz i live in a NYC appartment that has lot of metal. But then again lots of people live in buildings with metal etc. So if the Wifi solutions are iffy at best now how does one hope to transfer a full movie and watch it, unless ofcourse you first send it over and let it get cached on the 40Gb drive then play it, thus one more step in planning things.
    I am more spontaneous to want to watch or listen to music without planning on when it is music time or video viewing time ahead.
    Ill wait for the test results of peoples experience.