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iPhone is Real…Macworld Keynote Live

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* Keynote over.
* Dropping Computer from company name, now just APPLE
* Will try and sell 10 million in 2008. 1% market share in the mobile phone business.
* Multiyear agreement exclusive with Cingular
* Cingular CEO on Stage. Stan Sigman says started talking about deal two years ago, agreed without seeing the device.
* Shipping exclusively on Cingular in the US
* Available in June 2007
* $499 for 4G model, $599 for 8GB
* 200 patents for all the inventions in iPhone. Now getting to pricing finally.
* 5 hours battery life, 16 hours audio playback.
* Showing off switching between apps, headphones, bluetooth headsets.

LG Chocolate ad in front of the Apple Store, originally uploaded by niallkennedy.

* Eric Schmidt on stage joking about Apple Google merger. Google Maps, search built into the device. Jerry Yang does a cameo too, Yahoo providing free push IMAP email accounts for all iPhone customers.
* Showing Safari browser, shows CINGULAR icon on top.
* really nice call waiting and conference call touch interface
* they’ve been working on this for 2.5 years
* plan to make 3g and “all sorts of amazing phones in the future”
* wifi and bluetooth
* quadband gsm + edge
* has random access voicemail
* now showing phone…claims thinner than any other smartphone, 11.6 mm
* runs on osx
* the thing is one giant screen
* revolutionary interface. motorola q, black berry, treo, nokia e62 … every program wants its own buttons and controls, but they can’t change… we solved it in computers 20 years ago with bitmap screen and pointing device, mouse. getting rid of all buttons
* the place is going wild.
* iPhone is announced.
* it’s called the iphone
* “these are not three separate devices”
* he says these are three products on scale of 1984 apple, ipod
* 3) “breakthrough internet communicator”
* 2) “revolutionary mobile phone”
* 1) Widescreen IPod with touch screen controls.
* ITV is now Apple TV, Ships February, Taking orders now
* 2 billion songs sold on iTunes. 5 million a day

(We are having connectivity problems, so sporadic coverage from Macworld. We are using Blackberry and SMS to file the updates, some some details are missing and will be added later. Om is typing them out as they come in!)

27 Responses to “iPhone is Real…Macworld Keynote Live”

  1. Jesse Kopelman

    Esme, as Nokia has shown, it is possible to fairly successfully SIM-lock a phone. The iPhone may not accept your Orange SIM unless you are willing to pay some shady Internet character to unlock it for you.

  2. iPhone is revolutionary even just by its innovative usage patterns.
    I love it when they say ‘Talk is the killer app’!
    Just wonder how their native SIP impl excels.
    I am sure most of the Mac developers gets a headstart as it runs OS X.

  3. Ok, so could somebody develop a way to hook this thing up to a real monitor and keyboard, so that it becomes possible to actually use it as a mini, portable iMac? It is probably a pipe dream, but it doesn’t need to be able to do really heavy stuff. Just run standard apps and allow you to cary it around.

  4. Agree – no 3G, no Europe. On the other hand, it’s got Wi-Fi and I’m going to use Skype on it. I don’t give a damn about Cingular and all that. I’ll just pop in my Orange SIM card and be happy.

  5. Why you guys are making 3G so big deal. the new model will surely come.. Europe may not be a target for first year. And phones in US is still bought on usability factor. When every company was jumping on high speed, Moto killed the whole market with sleek design.
    Geeks doesnt define the market, we create the solution for the market.

  6. I would just like to point out that the street price of the RAZR in 2004 was approx $500. The price of a 2G 20GB iPod (which I still own) was $500 in 2002.
    And the marketing department of Apple is own of the best on the planet as far as getting it into the hands of the people with the most influence.
    The Sidekick had its moment of glory and I’ll guarantee the iPhone is going to be the item to have going into 2007.

  7. you do not need the apple phone, all of this can be done on a Nokia; and you have WiFi. With truphone , attached you will be able to kick any E-Series or N-Series Nokia into the mode you have always dreamt about. “Mobile VoIP” all other services like song downloads are working around WiFi. As WiFi becomes the killer we need a new global carrier helping us to communicate, this in my eyes will be ((truphone)) – they just got elected to become Tech Pioneer 2007 at Davos World Economic Forum… so wait and see …

  8. Jesse Kopelman

    The only thing that was particularly exciting about the rumored concept of the iPhone was that it would be sold through Apple as an unlocked device. Sure, by selling through the carrier, users get subsidies and the pricing is a lot more attractive, but is that the Apple way? What happened to people will pay a premium for a unique and superior product. This sounds more like the ROKR than the iPod . . .

  9. As good as it looks, how the hell do they think they can sell 10M phones? This is as expensive as the nokia N90 and how many people buy that?

    No 3G kills europe. In US, cingular exclusive limits who can buy this thing.

    How many people fit the following catagory?
    -In the US
    -Have 500+ bucks to spend on CE device
    -are not locked into a 2 year contract with a carrier?
    -With cingular or willing to switch carriers?
    -Don’t need/want 3G in their phone.

    This is a flagship iPod to attract attention, but sales will be insignificant for a long time.