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High Level Keynote Recap

apple phone Apple Inc, Apple Tv, and an Apple phone. Mac World 07 was definitely a huge one. Yet while I can barely wait until June for the iPhone (seriously? iPhone?) to ship – gonna have to sell a child or a kidney in the meantime – but how on earth do we not get even a mention of Leopard? I mean, throw us a frickin bone here!

There’s gotta be ‘One more thing’, or something, right? I mean, um. I’m speechless. So I guess that wraps up our January Holiday.

We come away with Apple TV, for order now, shipping in February for $299. Looks like a solid addition to any digital media centric home/gadget freak/Apple fan.

Then the big bomb – and finally an end to all the stinkin rumors! – the Apple Phone, which apparently will be known as iPhone, is upon us. Really? They’re calling it iPhone? MacBook seems like genius compared to this. But I’ll look beyond this because the iPod/Phone/Internet Communicator absolutely rocks my world. It’ll be available exclusively from the Cingular network, starting in June of this year. 4GB model is $499 and 8GB model is $599. Start saving your pennies – it’ll be totally worth it.

A small mention, but a big deal is the name change: No longer Apple Computer, Inc. But rather Apple Inc. The future holds some big things for Apple – we’ve all known that – but now with the ‘Computer’ designation dropped, the widespread nature of their business can be expected to really show.

I hope (as my friend Weldon suggested during our chat) that we get Leopard details during the remainder of the Mac World Expo this week. I could care less about iWork and iLife, but Leopard needs to be addressed. I almost feel let down at this point, but with your support, I’m sure I’ll make it through.

So those are the biggies. I’ll post my candid notes that I took during the Keynote, just as soon as I’ve cleaned up the formatting on them. There’s a lot to look forward to.

18 Responses to “High Level Keynote Recap”

  1. ..i wish until june they would think about letting me use the touchscreen-keyboard for choosing the first letter of an artist in itunes as well. call me last-century-grannie but it would help sometimes..

  2. It’s too bad the deal on the iPhone is with Cingular. Cingular coverage absolutely sucks in Los Angeles and in SF’s east Bay (Berkeley, Oakland neighborhoods). And this is such a well known fact, Tmobile has a gigantic billboard on Hollywood Blvd. pretty much attesting to this fact. Although the iPhone is probably going to be wonderful, it is surprising that Apple with such a reliably stellar interaction design team would have potentially ruined what could have been a fantastic thing. Maybe Cingular will finally get their S*&_t together, though.

  3. Tohuwabohu

    Wow. A new phone. Congratulations everybody. Hey – and you can listen to mp3s with it. Great. And even sync it with your computer. Big.
    What are you people talking about? I want Leopard. Or at least Photoshop running on the fastest Mac ever.
    Oh – but you can play with Google Maps on your new iPhone in June. Have fun.

  4. So there are several days left in Macworld – any chance for some of these other products to be trickled out?

    Namely, the sort of boring ones that people actually know they want to buy already (as opposed to the ones that people don’t know they need yet):

    1. plain ol’ iPod widescreen hard drive based
    2. dual quad core mac pros
    3. Leopard

  5. Nicholas said:

    “This product competes with the Blackberry and the Zune, not the core of the IT market….”

    That was a terribly narrow-sighted post. The author obviously fails to realize what the iPod and iTunes have really done for Apple, and the quote above shows they completely miss the point. Who ever said that competing with the core of the IT market was even good for Apple?

  6. Species 8472

    Yeah, well…it’s a big yawn to anyone outside the USA, as quite a few people are – though you’d never know. ‘Cingular’ Who the…?

    So, remove the iPhone and what you got? Nothing. Apple TV…yawn. A non-starter.

    I was hoping for Leopard, iWork, iLife, iSomething iCan Use Here iN Eu-bloody-rope.

    Worst. Keynote. Ever.

  7. I was really hoping to see some kind of update to the macbook that I’m about to buy.

    Any guesses as to how much data plans for the iPhone will cost. I can’t imagine it will be cheap and substantially push TCO for the iPhone out of range for all but die-hard macheads.

  8. So the iphone is true… this is very odd. Considering the mass amount of people who were anticipating it but also the mass amount of people who were criticize people and say that it wasn’t true. So I wonder what’s next.. and yeah I was hoping for Leopard as well.