GigaTeam Goes MacWild


With a fleet of Macs running our business and a dedicated Machead at our helm, the GigaTeam definitely tunes in for MacWorld.

If you’re looking for Macworld coverage today, you’ll get a large dose of it across the GigaOM network. Granted, we crack up when we walk by the elevated glass cases holding precious iPhone protoypes surrounded by crowds of worshipers (see photo below)…but we’re all giving our wallets a hard look as we consider ponying up for the little gadget in June.

We’ll keep you posted as the conference continues. Meantime, anything interesting we should know about from the rest of today’s news?

(crossposted at NewTeeVee) (photo credit Niall Kennedy)


Roger Smith

iPhone is available with Cingular ONLY!?
And what if I am stuck under contract with a carrier OTHER
than Cingular but still want a iPhone?
Well, the only solution
I could fine was
they get you out of any cell phone contract!


I am liking it but I am not liking the price and the lack of T-mobile support. I think it’s going to be a hackers dream. Skype on this would be P.I.M.P.!! I also suspect that there will be iPod updates in the not so distant future. I think Uncle Steve is trying to space out the announcements.


I signed up for email update. First generation of all apple products are always buggy because they are usually “bleeding edge”. Wait until 2nd and 3rd gen and it will be work beautiful.


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