@ CES: The Moonves Equation: CBS + YouTube + Sling + Second Life

CES: CBS Keynote: CSI's Anthony ZuikerI’m at the CBS keynote behind a batch of CBS execs, sandwiched between Sling Media’s Jason Krikorian and Jason Hirschhorn. CEO Leslie Moonves quickly got to the purpose of this CES appearance: to show how CBS is embracing the new order “big time.” Moonves is using all the right words and bringing up all the right concepts to show just how plugged in CBS is. He started by highlighting the hiring of Quincy Smith to head digital; Smith didn’t take the stage but his influence is clear.
This is a fast-paced show. In rapid succession, we’ve seen CSI creator Anthony Zuiker pay homage to his online fan base; Opie and Anthony show off their PalTalk interactivity, Ilene Chaiken and Jennifer Beals demo The L Word‘s new social network; and CSTV’s Brian Bedol introduce a new service called Fans Only, a personal skybox/virtual sports bar.
Blake Krikorian has just demonstrated an intriguing new service debuting soon from Sling Media: Clip+Sling, which will allow users to record and share TV moments. The example used was Two and a Half Men

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