CES On Demand: Video from Vegas


GigaOM pal Andy Abramson over at VoIP Watch stirred the blog-pot a bit with his piece on the “new instant journalists.” Nicholas Carr then proceeded to use the oldest flamer tactic in the book — correcting someone’s grammar to demean their argument — and also made it to the top at Techmeme. Sigh.

Meanwhile, there were actually people busy shooting video at CES and uploading it to the Internet. Imagine! While it’s certainly not the most compelling subject for a demonstration of what technology-enabled journalists and fans can do, CES does prove that some of the old news rules don’t apply. You just need a ticket, a camera and a laptop and you’re in business.

The most high-profile videoblogger is Podtech’s Robert Scoble, who gets all insider-y with a profile of his old boss Bill Gates. Gates & Scoble and some other A-listers got intimate, but not that intimate, over lunch.

Protoblogger Dave Winer has a camera in tow, and with two short reports provides an easy comparison between the official press room and PodTech’s bloghaus. Winer: “Where are the chicks?” Scoble: “Oh, Valerie [Cunningham]’s over there somewhere.”

Plenty of other bloggers are also on hand. Geek News Central, CrunchGear and Gear Live have all produced segments on new products. No mention of Windows Mobile in the pitch OQO gave Crunchgear; the second half of this Geek News Central clip takes a look at Video Vault; and Gear Live’s The Bleeding Edge checks out a new PVR from SanDisk.

A quick search of YouTube turned up plenty of other coverage. English tech magazine T3 has eschewed dead trees for the moment and shot a video of the Tavi handheld IPTV. More Brits talking tech can be found at Shiny Shiny, who catch someone making a mockery of the Blues Brothers on behalf of LG. And young consumer electronics reporter Jessica Curran of Toytester checks out TDV’s 3D video technology.

Or just watch geeks gone wild. The awesomely cheesy music video effects are powered by Intel, in case you missed it.


Deirdré Straughan

This isn’t a new phenom. Those of us who have been videoblogging for a while of course go “armed” to CES.

Quite a few people vlogged it last year http://www.beginningwithi.com/travel/ces2006.html (and I was interviewed myself on the show floor, but never did see that footage posted), and the year before http://www.beginningwithi.com/travel/vegas.html , if not even earlier (I didn’t get any show floor footage in 2005 because I spent most of that show in a hotel demo room).

Unfortunately, some of last year’s “hot” coverage was popular more due to the model/hostess’ well-displayed assets than anything she had to say or demo.

“Chicks” ? We haven’t come much of a long way, baby, have we?

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