Blow by Blow Thoughts/Notes From The Keynote

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These are thoughts I had as it was happening. It’s pretty rough, but you get the idea. I’d like to hear what you thought of everything today as well. Wild stuff eh?


please turn of cell phones/other devices – don’t want competition for new item?

3 minutes in and showing a Vista ad…this is gonna be ugly –didn’t take the turn I was expecting…

love the PC guy John Hodgeman

2 billion songs sold. crazy 5mil/day, 58/sec

zune gets blitzed. direct comparisons? –nope

Apple TV? if that’s the name, Apple’s losing it’s edge –oh, Apple Logo and TV. better I guess.

802.11n across board because of Apple TV Specs?

so Apple TV $299, order today, ship in Feb

here it comes…

widescreen ipod, mobile phone, internet communicator = 3 revolutionary products in ONE!!!!!!

haptics control on the phone. NICE – already an ipod on craigslist here in denver…

They aren’t really calling it iPhone are they???

2mp camera, sim card, 2/3 inch thin

shoulda seen this coming with contacts/cal syncing in current iPods

3 sensors. holy cow: proximity, ambient light, accelerometer for orientation

CINGULAR – so glad I’m on this network already!

Beatles playing – nice touch – gonna be available in iTunes?

pinch to size pics!!!!!!!

I can’t believe they’re still referring to “iPhone”….

why yahoo mail – isn’t there some google connection..?

can iphone double as apple tv remote…?

auto tethering to macbooks? c’mon, show me love!

the pinch. the pinch!!! –this touch and gestures integration – especially the pinch – has me salivating

Yahoo and Google co-existing huh? interesting

battery life as phone seems a bit low. but desktop style apps and all that? pretty amazing –oh, 5 hours talk time. Much better than 5 hours total. missunderstood.

mass exodus from cell carriers to cingular now…? –Um, yeah.

apple phone or mac mini? well, pretty handy trade off for mobility I guess.

wow – entered agreement with apple (cingular) w/o ever seeing device. pretty big commitment, but a no brainer.

too bad itunes store isn’t accessible through this thing

58 millions cingular subscribers number should be poised to jump considerably

“skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” Gretzky – nice.

Now apple inc. big shift. can only imagine what else this will bring in coming months/years

that’s it?? Where’s Leopard? –Guess since Apple TV and iPhone are the big announcements, Leopard would just be over shadowed? Hope we hear about it later in the Expo…

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I want an iPhone… looks stunning. Shame us Europeans have got quite a wait!

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