Beatles Coming to iTMS? Announcements Coming Soon?

There were many things going on at today’s Keynote, which I was lucky enough to be able to see live. So much great stuff happened, in fact, that many people may have missed something that I think was rather important.
In fact, I even think Steve was teasing us with this.

Did you notice how, almost every time Steve played something on his iPhone, he listened to the Beatles? The Beatles? That one remaining huge band that isn’t on the iTunes Music Store?

I must admit that, after I saw him repeatedly use the Beatles to demonstrate, I really expected them to be his “one more thing.”
The entire Beatles catalog coming to the iTunes store would be a pretty great surprise.

But then he never announced it. There was actually no “one more thing” at all.

But I have a theory as to why this happened. I think that Apple is far into negotiations with the Beatles, far enough that Steve expected to sign the deal before his Keynote today.

However, by the time he realized that it wouldn’t be ready in time (although I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw an announcement later this week), it was to late to change his demo.

It was also to late to add in Leopard, or iWork + iLife ’07, for the “one more thing.”

I still hope, however, that we’ll see Leopard and iWork + iLife announcements later this week.

One worrying factor against the iWork + iLife announcements, however, is that I noticed that Apple has demo computers set up for iLife ‘06 at the Apple booth.

One positive factor, however, is that we’ve seen today that Apple isn’t afraid to announce products outside the Keynote, when the announced the new AirPort Extreme.

Why would Apple demo iLife ’06 if they’re announcing or releasing ’07 this week?

What do you think? Will we see the Beatles catalog or other announcements this week?


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