Beatles Coming to iTMS? Announcements Coming Soon?


There were many things going on at today’s Keynote, which I was lucky enough to be able to see live. So much great stuff happened, in fact, that many people may have missed something that I think was rather important.
In fact, I even think Steve was teasing us with this.

Did you notice how, almost every time Steve played something on his iPhone, he listened to the Beatles? The Beatles? That one remaining huge band that isn’t on the iTunes Music Store?

I must admit that, after I saw him repeatedly use the Beatles to demonstrate, I really expected them to be his “one more thing.”
The entire Beatles catalog coming to the iTunes store would be a pretty great surprise.

But then he never announced it. There was actually no “one more thing” at all.

But I have a theory as to why this happened. I think that Apple is far into negotiations with the Beatles, far enough that Steve expected to sign the deal before his Keynote today.

However, by the time he realized that it wouldn’t be ready in time (although I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw an announcement later this week), it was to late to change his demo.

It was also to late to add in Leopard, or iWork + iLife ’07, for the “one more thing.”

I still hope, however, that we’ll see Leopard and iWork + iLife announcements later this week.

One worrying factor against the iWork + iLife announcements, however, is that I noticed that Apple has demo computers set up for iLife ‘06 at the Apple booth.

One positive factor, however, is that we’ve seen today that Apple isn’t afraid to announce products outside the Keynote, when the announced the new AirPort Extreme.

Why would Apple demo iLife ’06 if they’re announcing or releasing ’07 this week?

What do you think? Will we see the Beatles catalog or other announcements this week?





im doing a school paper on why the beatles didnt want to go on itunes. i know there is something about the they didnt want their albums to be broken up, but if anyone knows anything, please type back. thanks


I really- REALLY, want Beatles on iTunes. They are absolutely the best sounding music on my iPod and G5.

Carl Kelly

Too late to change the keynote? I don’t think so. He could have played any song or any band. I just think that it was his way of saying, “the Beatles are coming soon”. I’m sure the negotiations are under way, it’s just a matter of time. Last spring’s UK court decison that favored Apple COMPUTER over Apple Corps. probably paved the way for 2 events:

1. The Beatles available on iTS (don’t be surprised if it’s album only).
2. Allowed Apple Computer to change their name to Apple, Inc.

I seem to recall hearing that Mal Evans (former Road Manager who runs Apple Corps. these days) is overseeing the remastering(?) of the entire Beatles catalog. Perhaps that will come out on CD and the current format will be then made available on iTS.

Scottie Biddle

vanni- what’s on friday that needs to be anitcipated? I’ve never been to Macworld, only knowing aboot these things for a little while, but is there a software thing or something else?
Or, maybe an impromptu Stevenote at the Apple Booth?

Julian Bennett Holmes

BIG franky: Oh yeah, it’s definetly not Apple’s doing that those bands aren’t on the music store. I’m sure Apple would give quite a lot to have them on their.
And yeah, you’re right that there are other big bands, but I think that the Beatles are known as “the one that’s not on there.”

BIG franky


while i agree completely with your assertion that the Beatles are “the bigger band” than led Zeppelin…. i still have to agree that it is a flawed statement to say that the beatles are “That one remaining huge band that isn’t on the iTunes Music Store.” yes… the beatles are huge…. but so is Led Zeppelin, and so is AC/DC for that matter.

the part of all of this that bothers me the most is when people blame apple for these bands not being on itunes!


@galley & @julian: great news about iWork! looking forward to the new spreeadsheet. So why no announcement about iLife/iWork? are they saving some thunder for friday?
RE: LEAD zeppo: one hit wonder – Stairway to Heaven, that’s it ;-)…


An Apple Sales Consultant told me last night that Steve’s Keynote presentation was running on iWork ’07.

Julian Bennett Holmes

Species 8472: Led Zeppelin is big, but they’re not considered the biggest band of all time.
Ask ten people on the street to name all four Beatles. I bet you 9 out of 10 can get 100%.
Then, ask ten people on the street to name all four members of Led Zeppelin. I bet you 9 out of 10 can’t name two of them.

vanni: I doubt that iWork + iLife will require Leopard. I got a strong hint from an Apple booth engineer when he said guessing that iPhone would require Leopard would be “not a safe guess at all.” I personally thought it would require the updated Sync Services, but now probably not.


beatles are a logical addition to iTunes and now that they are just “Apple Inc” might as well add in the the four lads from liverpool and be done with it. as to iWork/iLife. this will have to wait until June. there is no burning need for these iimho … and most likely need Leopard to function properly. just a guess.


Actually, there probably was never going to be demos of Mac software, not because of them not being ready in time, but because iLife and iWork and computers were not the thrust of the show. The iPhone and Apple TV were. Don’t be surprised if MacWorld becomes AppleWorld, you know it makes sense. And Leopard etc. is a much better topic for a special announcement or a Developers conference. And now we know why display “resolution independance” exists – for the iPhone.

Species 8472

“That one remaining huge band that isn’t on the iTunes Music Store?”

Led Zeppelin?

Jason Terhorst

He has shyed away from using “One more thing”, mainly because it’s not a surprise anymore. It was new back in 2001. But Jobs is all about doing unusual or unexpected things. For all we know, he’ll have a special event again on some obscure day to announce Leopard. Because it’s not what we’re expecting. We’d be expecting him to announce it during today’s keynote as a “one more thing”.


Good point. I too was surprised there wasn’t “one more thing”. But they obviously wanted to dominate the keynote with the iPhone. Can’t blame them and maybe they’ll wait till March to announce the rest – (Leaopard and the ’07 apps).
Man, that iPhone is one landscape-changing piece of gear….

Scottie Biddle

The iLife ’06 demos could very well be a “throw us off” kind of thing. Apple is very good at that and while I’m not actually at MWSF, I bet Apple has a Tiger section in tis booth too. It wouldn’t be that hard to install ’07 overnight.
Ce n’est que mes deux cents.

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