Apple TV vs. Everyone Else

Now that orders are being taken for the Apple TV and everyone else has shown off their competing products at CES, it’s time to decide how to spend that money burning a hole in your pocket. Which wireless-enabled, high-definition set top box will soon be cluttering your living room?


Photo by Ryan Block of Engadget.

Sony Bravia Internet Video Link Box: Only works with new Bravia displays, isn’t wireless, and will be tied to Sony’s content offerings. Next!

NetGear Digital Entertainer HD: Fashionably styled like an Apple product. But no internal storage and a $349 suggested retail price. Meh.

Sling Media SlingCatcher
: Could be the best of the bunch, all the more attractive for its sub-$200 price point. Problem? Not available until this summer.

Apple TV: $299, 40GB of storage, Wireless-N connection, ships in February. Definitely the leader of the pack at the moment.


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