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Apple Launches TV Extender; WideScreen iPod; iPhone With Cingular

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The Steve Jobs keynote is going on at Macworld.
— The company has announced its TV extender called Apple TV (not iTV as its codename was). It offers 720p resolution, 40GB hard drive, 802.11 b/g/n wireless, Intel processor. Video, photo and audio content can auto-sync with one PC, and then streamed from up to 5 computers. Cost: $299, for Mac and PC. Shipping in Feb, taking orders now.
— As we mentioned last night, the deal with Paramount for catalog movies into iTunes. Disney is offering about 100 movies. With Paramount’s selection, it will have 250 movies available now.
— Launches Apple phone…surprisingly also called iPhone. It is being launched in conjunction with Cingular, as expected. Jobs says it combines iPod, phone, internet communicator….it has a touch-screen which uses a new Apple technology called multi-touch. And it runs on Mac OS X.
It will sync songs/all media from iTunes, as well as contacts/calendar/notes etc. Has a 2 megapixel camera.
Other features: Quad-band GSM + EDGE phone, with WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0 built in. 8 GB storage capacity. Widescreen video.
More description from iLounge: One-touch conference calling. SMS texting — text messages with multiple sessions for multiple people at once. Keyboard does error prevention and correction. Powerful photo features. Safari web browser. Rich HTML email works with IMAP and POP. Google Maps. Weather, calculator, stock widgets. Yahoo to provide free Push IMAP email service for iPhone users.
Google: Apple has developed the phone in partnership with Google….this is the fantasy world of millions of Apple fanboys come true. Uses Google search and Google Maps. CEO Eric Schimdt made a short presentation.
Yahoo: Also Yahoo search (its new OneSearch product), Yahoo Go and mail services are build in. Jerry Yang gave a short presentation as well.
The cost: 4GB model for $499 and 8GB model for $599, with two year Cingular contract. Will ship in June, and will sell in Apple and Cingular stores. Still needs FCC approval.

3 Responses to “Apple Launches TV Extender; WideScreen iPod; iPhone With Cingular”

  1. whoindatgarden

    Well so the phone is out. They will sell 10 million units so they wish in year one. Well good luck.
    From what I have seen so far, when the Ipod came out it set the mp3 player market on a roll and yet several years later the competitors are still pathetically way behind.
    What will be interesting to see is how the phone operates given that it has several functions it performs unlike the Ipod which primarily plays music. Thats going to be the unknown factor. So far Apple has come through in providing tools that do a task in the simplest easiest way and thats all. There is no several ways to do something witht heir product design.
    Now with the phone possibly they have done their homework and designed something others have not even thought of necessarily.
    I won't be buying the iphone as I am a Verizon customer and also I prefer to have single purpose devices, easier to fix.
    Im more curious to how the Apple TV fairs.

  2. Jobs comes through again. Good news for Apple and its shareholders. Bad news for Research in Motion and other handset makers. Still wondering about the options backdating issue, but that's a comment for another blog. Cheers.