2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad

About 2 weeks ago I went spouting-off about 3 predictions for Apple in 2007. I’m claiming 2 out of 3 at this point – and that third is really up for grabs until December 31st…

So naming changes. Initially I’m wrong as could be on this one. The stinkin iPhone killed my mojo with its name – but revived me with its features. So yeah, on the surface here I’m dead wrong. Then I realized, there was a name change! Our favorite Cupertino company is now known only as Apple Inc. They’ve dropped the ‘Computer’ which begs the question, “Are there more convergent, non-Computer products around the corner?” Possibly. Maybe it just means that Apple’s getting so much into Media, that restricting their name to a Computer company explicitly felt to confining for Steve. Or maybe they’re just bowing to the masses simply referring to them as “Apple” all the time. Whatever the reason, it’s a name change and I’m sticking with it.

Of course we’ve yet to hear about Leopard (dang it!), or iLife, or iWork. But at this rate, I’ll venture those won’t be changing names. Just the company that makes them.

Touch Screens came through big for me, eh? Yes, I mentioned it in Tablet form. This isn’t exactly a tablet, so points off for that I suppose. But this iPhone is a device that sort of defies categorization. Music player, Check. Phone, Check. Email, Check. Mini Apple Computer, Check. I’m dying to find out the extent of accessibility for system tweaking and adding software. But I’m getting off track now.

Better yet, I even previously mentioned the haptics capabilities – or touch/gesture recognition. Even more specifically, the ability to change the size of images with your fingers. And Steve shows us today the ‘pinch’ motion to alter the viewing size of images on the iPhone. Sweet!

The third item I listed was fuel cells announced for the MacBook line. But I left that open until the year’s end. So we won’t worry about it for now.

So the iPhone. It both screwed me over with its name, but then redeemed me with its features. What a product, huh? And while June seems like a ways away, it’s also my wedding anniversary…And I believe the 7th year anniversary gift is the iPod. (I dare you to disagree.) Happy Anniversary Honey!


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