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XBox Leads Video-Device Parade at CES

We’ve already covered the upcoming PC-to-TV box from Sling, a similar product from Linksys and over at GigaOm the new media devices from Netgear. Even Sony has joined the set-top sweepstakes. So even if the iTV is delayed, there are plenty of new ways to get your online video into your living room.

The big announcements at CES came from Microsoft. Bill Gates tried to convince everyone that what we really need is a home server for all our media, and offered up Windows Vista as the operating system to run it with. The Xbox team also added a bunch of new television features to Xbox Live. Will they rule the digital future?

Engadget reports on plans by the HD-DVD camp to expand capacity on a single side up to 51GB. Sony’s effots to promote BluRay include a Vaio video editing workstation with a writeable BluRay drive. Can’t decide between BluRay and HD-DVD? LG chooses to make it a moot point by debuting a new DVD player that supports them both.