Will You Buy a Windows Home Server?

To me, the most interesting thing to come out of Bill Gates’ CES keynote last night was the announcement of Windows Home Server. On paper, it’s enticing…simple setup and maintenance, one central location for all the files in the house, remotely accessible, print server, diagnostics of all home computers, expandable, central backup.

Jesse Lewin describes the unit:

As a small, headless box that lives on your network and in your closet, a Windows Home Server can quickly grow the pool of storage from which all of your shared files for each of your users lives. The backup engine in Windows Home Server also silently backs up the entirety of each machine connected to it every night. And because the data is always online, using the built-in remote access abilities, you’ll also be able to access your data from any machine on the planet.

For a house like mine, filled with technology that is a mix of leisure and business, a home server that promises to be plug & play easy seems almost too good to be true. There are already many options for servers and Media Center devices. What makes the Windows Home Server attractive is the apparent ease of use. High end geekery for the masses. I only wish it was platform independent for those of us who have both Macs and PCs in the same home.

Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite has a more detailed analysis of the launch announcement.

When these boxes start shipping from manufacturers like HP this summer, would you consider buying one? Do you think the technology will take off?


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