Wall Street To CES – Yawn


A friend of ours who slaves for a big hedge fund called and point out the really low volume of trading (lower than Friday) on both NYSE and NASDAQ.

Maybe its because Wall Street doesn’t give a damn about CES? Motorola and Nokia outlined their grand visions, and the stocks ended the day in red.

Microsoft managed less than one percent gain, and Qualcomm’s MediaFLO didn’t impress anyone. And to make matters worse, Samsung came out with a grim outlook. Even Apple didn’t go anywhere! Okay, its time to hit the sack – more from the Main Event in San Francisco tomorrow morning!


Elliott C. Bäck

When you write “slaves for a big hedge fund” do you really mean “day trades from his father’s living room?”

AAPL closed up 8%, RIMM down 5% for a spread today of 13%–big money.


AAPL went up by 8% and RIM went down by 8% today. Mr. Malik, how about being more upto date with your articles?

Walt French

“Wall Street” moves on NEWS, not reiterations of grand visionware.

The mobile vendors think that media is hot stuff? Be still, my beating heart!

Microsoft thinks that 2007, will be the Year of Digital Convergence, just as it predicted 2001 and every year since would be? Knock me over with a feather!

Just hit the snooze button, or go out & research something interesting.

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