VeriSign to Push Flash through CDN


VeriSign has been active on the content delivery front following its announcement of a hybrid P2P-traditional CDN service based on its acquisition of Kontiki.

VeriSign says via email it will be collaborating with Adobe for delivery of Flash video “including movies, TV shows, broadcast media and user interface technologies.” As we’ve previously discussed, the ubiquity of Flash in Internet video hasn’t been all that lucrative for Adobe, because sites like YouTube use caching rather than Flash servers. It seems Adobe is hoping that the P2P side of VeriSign might make it cheap enough to attract such sites as paying customers.

VeriSign is also announcing today that AOL, the BBC, the United Kingdom’s Channel 4, SkyTV, and the Open Media Network will be using its CDN. That’s not a big deal, because all of them were previously Kontiki customers. VeriSign promises fresh customer announcements soon. Update: Earlier correspondence from VeriSign PR had incorrect information; they’ve now emailed to say AOL, the BBC, Channel 4, and SkyTV will be using their own CDNs.


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