Sony Manages To Reach 1 Million Shipped To U.S.

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Its been quite a rocky road for Sony (NYSE: SNE.N, TSE: 6758.T) since E3 2006. Poor PR, marketing blunders and hardware shortages have made this a rather unpleasant launch. However, things may start turning around because Sony has at last fulfilled a promise: over 1 million PS3s have been shipped to the U.S. at the expense of the Japanese market.

In a recent Reuters report, Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA, said, “We had to make some decisions from a territory to territory perspective. Within a week, at the most, a million units will be in (North American) consumers’ hands.” Diverting consoles from Japan to the U.S. was, according to Tretton, because North America is Sony’s largest market.

Tretton went on to say that they would make up the difference to Japan this year and have plenty of units ready for the European launch. “We’re equally strong in all three markets. We can’t afford to sacrifice any one of them.” We’ll see how that pans out this March.

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