Announces Tablet PC version of SmartDraw 2007


New release supports Tablet PC computing and Vista, delivers enhanced flowcharting and mind mapping capabilities, and provides improved graphics functionality    

SmartdrawSAN DIEGO, CA – January 9, 2007 –, creator of SmartDraw®, the world’s most popular business graphics software, today announced an update to SmartDraw 2007 (release 8.1), bringing tablet PC readiness and major feature enhancements to its award winning program.  With SmartDraw, anyone can create professional-quality business graphics such as flowcharts, org charts, Gantt charts, timelines, floorplans and more in minutes – no experience or training required.

SmartDraw fully supports mobile computing on a tablet PC.  Using the stylus a user can select and stamp appropriate shapes and draw lines onto the page, then annotate them with ink and handwritten words that can be automatically converted to typed text.

"We are the first business graphics software of its kind for tablet PCs,” stated chief executive and founder Paul Stannard.  "Other tablet PC graphics programs require drawing by hand with the stylus.  SmartDraw is the first program to offer true professional-quality graphics, combined with a hand-drawn ink layer for quick notes and annotation.  A tablet user can create a floor plan (or any other graphic) with SmartDraw more quickly and accurately than hand-drawing it, and with a much higher quality result,” stated Stannard.

Also with the new release, flowcharting is now even easier with SmartDraw’s unique "auto-insert” feature.  Connector lines automatically redraw themselves when objects are inserted or deleted within the chart, saving time and boosting productivity.  The new Mind Mapping SmartPanelTM command set encourages "organized brainstorming” – allowing users to add details and ideas to their mind maps with a click of a mouse.  "Once you’ve developed your mind map, you can take planning further with Gantt charts, timelines and calendars – all with the same product, SmartDraw 2007,” said Stannard.

Graphics have been greatly improved and users can now set any color to be partially transparent to create new effects and perfect Venn diagrams.  SmartDraw’s graphic libraries are fully customizable and have been expanded with new calendars, templates and examples, together with additional images from Lippincott for the SmartDraw Healthcare Edition. offers a variety of licensing options and programs for organizations of all sizes.   A free trial is available at: and includes both online and telephone technical support.


Founded in 1994, is the creator of SmartDraw, the world’s most popular business graphics software.  SmartDraw allows anyone to create professional-quality business graphics in minutes – no experience or training required.   The Company is the leader in the business graphics market, a market made up of ordinary computer users who want to create attractive and effective business graphics, but who lack the time and expertise to learn software designed for graphics professionals.  In addition to SmartDraw 2007 intended for general business use, there are also SmartDraw Healthcare and SmartDraw Legal editions with graphics and applications unique to their respective fields.   In mid-2006, surpassed the ten millionth download of SmartDraw.   

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, is privately-held and counts more than half the Fortune 500 among its customers.  To download a free trial of SmartDraw 2007, please visit:



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Bob Woods

I downloaded the program and found that it worked well in landscape mode with my year old Toshiba tablet.

I liked the app. Within minutes I created a cool floorplan for my kitchen redesign project. I may even buy the product.


Sorry, this was posted late at night and since I haven’t tried it there was really nothing else to say except post the press release. That’s a pity about the portrait resolution limitation though and I’ll be sure and tell the developers.

Tim Marman

Ouch. It’s tough to call this a “Tablet PC version” when it won’t run on MOST tablets in portrait mode. (There aren’t too many above 1280×768). I mean, what’s the point?

And also, where’s the witty JK commentary and insight? Come on – I expect more from youg uys than just regurgitated press releases!

Eric Y. Theriault

If your default screen resolution is less than 800 x 600, don’t bother downloading it. It seems that my 768×1280 (14″ Gateway CX210X screen) is less than 800×600 so it does not even startup for me :-(. Too bad, since it seemed interesting…


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