Microsoft Meets and Surpasses Shipping Goals


Microsoft came into this generation of consoles in the number 2 spot, slightly ahead of Nintendo and well behind Sony. So, in an attempt to turn the tides, the XBox 360 was launched one full year early. Though this puts Microsoft in a weaker position technology-wise, it gave them a head start on software releases and market penetration so that when the PS3 launched, we’d have the second generation of 360 games to compare to the PS3 launch titles. The other advantage to launching early and being the only game in town is getting a jump on the install base, which Microsoft has done successfuly.

This last weekend, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT.O) reported that they had officially reached their goal of 10 million units shipped by the end of 2006 and even surpassed it. According to Reuters, Microsoft made this announcement on Sunday at this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show), and also forecasted that 360 shipments would reach as high as 13 to 15 million by the end of their fiscal year (June 30th).

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