It’s a small world after all: day 2


Last night we gave you a rundown on who we rubbed shoulders with; after that and during the day today we saw more great folks, many of which I’ve been wanting to meet in person for some time. It’s amazing that in this sea of people we actually meet anyone we know, so I’ll attribute it to good karma and watching "My Name is Earl".

  • Jack Cook and Chris Leckness were seen at the Windows Mobile table of Digital Experience last night; always great to meet the Win Mo enthusiasts.
  • I was fortunate enough to have Steven Hughes of Boston Pocket PC walk up to me at the same show. Steven is another great writer and technical resource I’ve "known" for two years but never got the chance to personally meet.
  • Even though Evan Blass is now a Senior Editor at Engadget (way to go E!), he stopped among the little people to say hey. Evan and I worked CES together last year.
  • Richard Lawler is someone I brought on board at HD Beat (now EngadgetHD) back in 2005. Being a blogger, you bring folks onto a team sight unseen, so it was a pleasure to meet another high-def addict.
  • Randall Bennett and Barb Dybwad from my ol’ AOL days were also at Digital Experience; these two very talented people were scouring the area with a high-end video cam; hope they didn’t see me take a second crab-cake when nobody was looking!
  • James noticed Dave Winer in the CES Press area where we were camped this morning so I decided to walk up to Dave and tell him the coffee was on me. Of course, the coffee is free, so Dave got the gag and graciously sat with James and I for about 20 minutes. Dave’s MacBook looks like it’s five years old, not the one year old that it likely is. Not a good sign when your Ethernet jack is broken! Dave’s pitstop with us led to Doc Searls and Buzz Bruggeman also dropping by for a minute.

I realize that this doesn’t have much to do with mobile tech, but it’s a big part of the CES experience: the human experience. Each of these folks have shaped the way I blog and the reasons I blog, so I’m hoping you indulge me as I call them out. They’re also covering the show from their unique perspectives, so be sure to hit their sites for a different view of the same wild show!

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