GTD: Page Packer

Here’s one for the GTD’ers amongst our readership. Page Packer makes it simple to print notes, calendars, pictures, or whatever and take them with you in a small, fold-able booklet.

The beauty of Page Packer is the interface. It takes all the guess work out of sizing, formatting, orienting (and on and on) the content you desire to drop into your page. Simply take any document or file you want with you at all times, and drag/drop it into one of the 8 slots in Page Packer’s interface. The program takes care of the rest (that is, sizing, orientation, etc).

If you’re not creative enough to come up with your own content, there’s a catalog of items (calendar views, todo lists, project trackers, etc) that comes with the app. Just drag/drop the items you want into your layout and print it. When you’re all done, check the Page Packer website for the instructions on how to fold/cut your page for pocketing it and taking it along with you.

A little tweaking and it’ll fit nicely onto my JimiX wallet…

Big Nerd Ranch is to thank for this little bit of genius, so go check them out right now. Page Packer is free.

Via LifeHacker

EDIT: I meant to point out, that Page Packer expires in June. The explanation being that it’ll then be time to upgrade to Leopard… I think we all expect Leopard to be available by then, but this statement sounds awfully absolute. Just thought it was interesting.