Duracell has a charger for your phone. Yes…Duracell

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This is what I love about the craziness here at CES. Everyone gets so focused on the top 200 exhibitors and so they can easily forget about the other 2,500 companies hawking their wares here. We were wandering around the show floor and almost passed up the Duracell booth, but something caught my eye so I tapped James on the shoulder and we swung back to find this small portable recharger that was actually pretty nifty.

The Duracell Mobile Mini is about the size of a standard card deck, maybe even smaller. There’s little weight to it but inside is a rechargeable battery that can store about 3000 mAh or so of juice. That’s more than double the 1350 mAh of my XV6700 standard battery, so when the Duracell dudes told us the Mobile Mini can fully recharge a cell phone at least two times, that made sense to me.

The battery can be used to re-charge any device that accepts power via mini or standard USB. Here you can see we’ve twisted the mini-USB jack that swings out from inside the unit:


If you need a standard USB port, you’ve got that on the flipside:


The Duracell Mini Mobile will set you back around $49.99 retail and is available in any three color combination you like….so long as you like copper, silver and black. Any other combos and you’re outta luck and outta power.

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B Smart

I cannot find this for sale anywhere. Do you know where I can get one?

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