Cringely’s Prophecy: Sony’s Stringer Out, Microsoft sweats Xbox Monopoly?

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Howard StringerLove him, hate him, or both at the same time, PBS’ tech guru Robert Cringely just ran a round-up of 2007 predictions which contains this daisy cutter:

The Sony news is SO bad that it deserves two predictions. I would predict the fall of CEO Howard Stringer again if there were clearly somebody at Sony who wants his job. The business is in such difficulty that Microsoft is discussing internally how to help Sony from going under, since that would create a raft of antitrust problems for Redmond. I am not making this up.

Peter Moore and company already expect their Xbox line to swallow up the Playstation market so thoroughly, they’re starting to worry about doing too well? (Maybe they think Nintendo’s Wii will become the Mac to their Windows, too.)
The tragedy? I half believe Cringely isn’t making it up. (Hat tip: John Brewer.)

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