Content Is King, Distributor Is Emperor

PCMag has covered the Rush to Mobile Video panel at CES, which included speakers from Fun Little Movies, MediaFLO, Motorola, MobiTV, Sony Pictures, Fox Reality and mSpot. There was discussion on the distribution of mobile content (it doesn’t matter how good the content is if no-one sees it) with Frank Chindamo, president of Fun Little Movies, saying that on-deck was the way to go in the US while in Europe the off-deck channel is viable.
Some other tidbits:
–“According to panel host Ken Rutkowski, Host & President, KenRadio Broadcasting, a recent study noted that the average London teenager spends nearly 70 pounds a month on mobile content.” There’s a study I’d like to see and dissect — 70 British pounds is US$135.
Michael Arrieta, Sr. Vice President, Sony Pictures Digital Sales and Marketing, said that video may be a teenage thing overseas but in the US it is an adult thing…”Vcast has five news channels…There isn’t a kid who cares about one of those.”
–“To be successful on linear network, noted Edward Skolarus, VP, Business and Development, FOX Reality, you have to be on all these platforms. Someone making an ad buy will look at your sell sheet and if mobile content isn’t a part of it “They flip it over and look for the second page and say, ‘where is that?'” If this is true it indicates a turning point in the acceptance of mobile video (and other content) as a channel, both for content and advertising.