CBS to Pal With YouTube, Slingbox


Call this one of those annoying to-be-continued TV shows: While we don’t know what CBS will officially announce during Les Moonves’ keynote at CES Tuesday, we do know some of the people who will be joining him onstage as the big-eye network attempts to burnish itself with Internet sheen.

Courtesy of CBS corporate, the list of co-stars includes YouTube’s Chad Hurley; Sling Media CEO Blake Krikorian; Philip Rosedale, CEO of Linden “Second Life” Lab; and then some TV people, including Jennifer Beals from the L Word.

The 4:30 p.m. PST keynote will also include appearances by Anthony Zuiker of CSI, the College Sports TV crew and two guys named Opie and Anthony. While CBS loves its stars, we’re guessing the geek-heavy CES crowd will clamor most over Rosedale and Hurley.

CBS tipped its hat that CES would be all about the Internet with its dubious research report from last week; it may not announce anything new, since it already has a deal showing clips on YouTube and has played virtually in Second Life. Too bad there’s no Webcast!



I see you linked their names… stupid IE… anyways, at least mention FreeFM and XM Radio Hosts Opie and Anthony and not “two guys named Opie and Anthony.”


Two guys named Opie and Anthony? How about you do a quick google next time.

Opie and Anthony, hosts of one of the most successful morning talk shows in the country that can be heard on over 25 terrestrial radio stations along with being on XM in the USA and Canada.


For a lot of guys, the Opie and Anthony show is much better than being in last place in your string of guests.

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