Apple & Cingular To Team on Phone Service: WSJ


This was expected, and an announcement is coming tomorrow at Macworld, WSJ is reporting, citing sources: Apple is launching an MVNO mobile phone service and a phone, with Cingular as the network provider. No indication yet whether it will be an MVNO or just a joint Cingular-Apple service…it might actually be the latter…my mistake on jumping to conclusions here.
The rumors have been going on for year on the Apple phone and in the recent month Wall Street analyst have been coming out with pieces of details and forecasts.
Some points:
— If Apple unlocks the phone, that also means T-Mobile subscribers can use the phone as well…T-Mobile is the other GSM major here.
— This also means the bad blood between Apple and Cingular over the Rokr Itunes phone disaster has been resolved.
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"as early as tuesday" is hardly a commitment to tomorrow. The rest is a non story as well as it's just a summary of the fact that there have been a lot of rumours. They can't even commit to the fact that it WILL NOT be called the iPhone. And the size of the cell phone market is something everyone already knows. Very disappointing….

Rafat Ali

You're right…it could just be a joint phone service, instead of a more involved MVNO service. Thanks for pointing it out..I corrected it.


where does the WSJ article mention that this is going to be an MVNO?

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