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Amp'd Mobile Crosses 100K Subscribers in '06

So says Amp’d Mobile…the MVNO has crossed 100K subscribers in 2006, after a slow start. This comes after the company disclosed that it was close to 50K subscribers by September last year.
It shares some other data points (of course, caveat again, these are private company numbers and no way to independently verify):
— 89% of are postpaid contracts
— average content and data ARPU has exceeded $30/month and total ARPU of over $100/month, it says.
— content accounts for nearly 60% of the $30 of data ARPU, in contrast to approximately 25% among other carriers, it says.
— ARPU in the video category has exceeded $10.
— Amp’d original content accounted for 39 percent of video downloads.
— Amp

2 Responses to “Amp'd Mobile Crosses 100K Subscribers in '06”

  1. Ampd mobile is there…. They have done more in a year than alolt of companies like US cellular has done in nearly 2 decades. Give them time and they are the future of cellular..