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Sling Adds Support for Palm 700p, Vista

Sling Media is scheduled to announce tonight SlingPlayer Mobile support for the Palm Treo 700p, the new smartphone currently offered by Sprint and Verizon. The company is also expected to show a technology demonstration of Slingbox running on Microsoft’s Vista, with some snazzy controls that take advantage of Vista’s Aero Glass UI feature.

We are not in Vegas right now, but we did get a sneak peek Friday at Sling HQ. If the Vista product works as promised, it should please Slingbox users since it allows a full-screen TV view with the controls “ghosted” at the bottom or side. It can also run the Sling screen in a widget on the desktop. The port for the EvDO-using Palm 700 is Sling’s first for the Palm OS, and it was working pretty well in the demo we saw. Again, more ways to distract yourself without adding to your cable bill.

Following Sling’s announcement of its SlingCatcher PC-to-TV box (still haven’t heard if that was the final name) it’s a busy CES for the place-shiftin’ firm, which pulled off all the announcements while in the middle of a real place-shift — Friday’s demos took place while the rest of Sling was relocating to some new offices south of Hwy 92.