Manage notes both online and offline with Wallnote


Wallnote might become your new best friend for note taking, especially if you are a PC user. This simple, free and easy to use application can easily track your notes, To-Do’s and anything else you need to remember. Windows, Mac and Linux users have access to the online version of the application, however, the Windows version has some serious oomph.

Windows users can utilize Active Desktop. By activating the Wallnote website as a desktop item [utilizing a series of 10 quick and easy steps] you are off to enjoying a desktop note taking application that is synced up online, without downloading anything. Setting up the Active desktop took me about 2 minutes to do and the steps outlined on the Wallnote site were simple and easy to follow. They work as they should, so long as you follow them correctly. Having the online version is great, but being able to instantly type in notes right on your desktop is great. Being that the Notes and To-Do’s are in your face, you might have a better chance that you will follow up on them.

wallnote online
[Wallnote running in Firefox]

The Note section and Things To Do sections are both color co-ordinated, so you can easily locate and peruse the items you have entered. When entering notes, time and date stamps are conveniently added. Mousing over the entry pops up icons for printing, editing and deleting the entry. Entries into the Things To Do area can be kept as a headline, or as a headline and details for the item. To better organize these items, there are lists. Lists can be added, and To-Do’s can be categorized for easy browsing and archiving. Unlike the Note section with a print feature, the To-Do’s only has an edit icon.

wallnote desktop
[Wallnote running as the desktop in Windows]

In all, Wallnote is an enjoyable application to use. Having just the basics makes it easy to live with being on your desktop, with of course, the added bonus of being able to access your synced up Notes and To-Do’s anywhere you have a connection.



I’ve been using wallnotes for about 3 weeks now, particularly at work as an active desktop item on my 20 inch screen, I haven’t really tried it on my laptop at home, but it might take up a bit too much desktop realestate for my liking, but if that’s the case, you could just have it load as a start page tab in firefox. I like sorting todos by project, and it would be nice to do this and be able to see them all at once.
The drag and drop ordering of items is really nice in the clean interface. I’d recommend it as a simple todo and note taking app. Very Cool.

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