Long day of travel but I’m at CES



I woke at 5 am (Eastern time) and hit the road 30 minutes after that. After 6.5 hours on a plane, a hairy taxi ride, quick hotel check-in and badge pickup, I finally hoofed it down the strip to the Venetian for the Bill Gates keynote that starts in 2.5 hours. I bumped into Dave Zatz and we quickly got our Press Vouchers for the keynote. I was thinking of heckling Bill to stake my claim at this year’s CES, but James said he was taking my jkOTR business cards if I do, so I’ll just lip-synch the heckling. ;)

No posts today so far simply because I’ve been on the road for hours; hopefully after a little keynoting and some dinner, I can make it up. Before I hurry up to wait in line, I thought I’d post this pic below of two truly mobile geeks. While everyone else in the Venetian is milling around, Dave and I found a cushy bench with an outlet. Does it get any better than that?




I noticed you guys said that you were in the Venetian. Is that a good hotel to stay at for CES? Is it close to the Las Vegas Convention Center? About how much is a typical room?


How was the Bill Gates keynote? Also, what were some of the hot new mobile devices that you saw at CES? I was considering going to the show next year. How were the crowds? And what hotel would you recommend for people attending the CES show?


Wow, I remeber attending the last few CES shows with my good friend Curtis D. Somoza. I was unable to make this year’s show because of health concerns. I was just wondering how the show was going and what has been the most unique product to date?

Kevin C. Tofel

Scott, I had fully intended to bring the Q1 UMPC to the show, but it had a run-in with an external battery and appears to be fried. That happened as I was packing for the show, so I had to pull the M205 out of retirement. I’ll have to deal with the Q1 when I get back, but I was NOT happy that I had to leave Sammy behind. :(


Laptops? This is a blog about mobile devices, and you guys are running around CES with laptops?

I’m soooo disappointed.

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